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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Club Is Ready

Join it, or try. It's exclusive, only the best of the best get in. But don't worry, were not picky, all different styles can enter. So please join and tell your friends. Thak you, oh and the audtions are up! In the club though, so you gotta join now! Don't forget the winner gets COVERGIRL of Believe Magazine, and 400 STARDOLLARS!
Oh and I'm adding pages to this site, make it a bit more alive. Check the gossip and updates page :] espically ADMIRE MAGAZINE fans. ;]

The club's name is BelieveMA and the topic is Other; or just find it under my page =]

Coming soon....

Believe Models will shortly begin Cycle 1 of SNTM. This exciting new modelling competition will see contestants face many challenging and creative tasks to test their modelling potential.
The winner of this cycle will win:
*Covergirl of Believe Magazine
*400 stardollars
*Judge of Cycle 2 of SNTM
For your chance to win simply FOLLOW this blog to stay updated on auditions for SNTM Cycle 1 which will start in early August.
For more information contact sd_is_da_best or ny_cutie in their guestbooks.
If you have any questions then ask in the comments and we will reply asap.
Thank you,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome to Believe Models

Founded by ny_cutie and sd_is_da_best to find models for their upcoming project, Believe Magazine. Sinead (sd_is_da_best) came up with the idea to make a club on stardoll, to help find models, but we were unable to, and it had to be done within 3 days. So Michelle (ny_cutie) made this blog. This blog will help you find modelling jobs, magazine jobs, comps, and many more task.
Soon we will be hosting a stardoll's next top model compition, and we will keep you updated on the side bars. Thank you, and please follow!